Fairouz  Kamareddine

Fairouz Kamareddine

Heriot-Watt University

Professor Kamareddine is leading a distinguished and successful academic career at the interface of Mathematics, Logic and Computer Science as witnessed by her multiple learned fellowships and charters, her large number of worldwide consultancy assignments, especially on education issues, her many individual and network grants from all levels of institutions ranging from universities all the way up to the United Nations, her large number of positions as journal editor and memberships on programme committees and organisation and meetings. Equally, she frequently appears as invited speaker at worldwide international research as well as eductational events. Her experience in research, staff, and teaching administration is extensive and at least commensurate with her 12 years as full professor. Most notably, she has and is playing leading roles in the development, administration and implementation of interdisciplinary, international, and academia-industry collaborations and networks. Since 2001 she has acted as an expert evaluator, rapporteur and vice-chair for the MAT-ENG panels of the EU research frameworks (5, 6 and 7) of the European Union. Professor Kamareddine has published over 80 peer-reviewed papers (more than 43 of which are in journals, and the rest in conferences), many of which have appeared in top Logic and Computer Science journals. Her publications also include several book chapters, two books and 6 edited books/special issues. Kamareddine has extensive experience in teaching and is even a sought-after expert on teaching issues as witnessed by her many evaluation, examination and consultancy work related to teaching on the international scene. To name a few, she is since 2000, a member of the UK Quality Assessment Agency, officially examining the teaching programmes of universities worldwide even at the level for the United Nations (UN). Professor Kamareddine has also been heavily involved in the development and management of international and interdisciplinary teaching programmes. She has also been involved since 2000 in regular official visits to universities throughout the Middle East as an education consultant and university assessor. >