Profile - Subhaschana Desai

Subhaschana Desai

SAL Institute of Technology and Engineering Research
Domain of Research: Human Computer Interaction

Brief Biography of Dr. S. G. DESAI – Ph. D (Computer Science) I was associated with Sino-India Computer Institute affiliated to Shandong Wei-fang Science and Technology University in CHINA as Educational Project Coordinator during year 2005-06. I did following contributions mainly in technical areas. - Initiated project work in new technology for Sino-India students. - Chinese students completed projects on time and other Indian teachers obtained guidance on need basis. Our research work during 2005-06 was accepted for publication and presentation in International Conferences at [1] IEEE Rumania (ICCGI 2006) [2] 2006 CIT, Charlotte, NC, USA [3] ICCSA-2006, San Diego, California University, USA Considering above achievement, I have been given Best Performance Award by President, Mr. Cui. My researching direction shall be in area of SCM (Supply Chain Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Database technology and OOMD (Object Oriented Modeling and Design) etc. I also plan to promote research work in all other branches of Science and Engineering which are directly connected with Information Technology. My goal is to contribute to specific industry benefiting all business people and society as whole. Need of common man is my priority for research work. However, I am open for working on-going projects where my experience is useful. Socio-Economic growth and development related activities in India will also be covered for Research. As a Senior Member of IACSIT (International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology), I would like to contribute in technical workshop and seminar at International level. Along with research activities, I plan to contribute in curriculum design and modifications to meet industry needs for post graduate students. Exchange programs for Professor and Students with foreign university are to be establish on Institute to Institute/Industry partnership basis.