Profile - Md Mahbub Mishu

Md Mahbub Mishu

Lecutrer in Computing
Domain of Research: Machine Vision,Intelligent Systems,Software Engineering and Quality,Big Data,Computer Vision

I completed my Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Bournemouth University, UK. My area of research was modelling and designing of an intelligent system that identifies the risk of bedsores/pressure ulcer (PU) formation in the human body and prevents it in real time based on patient's physiological and body support surface (mattress) characteristics. Currently I work as a Lecturer in Computing at Northern Regional College, UK. Previously I worked as an Associate Lecturer within the faculty of Technology at Southampton Solent University, UK. Also, I worked at Warsash Maritime Academy,UK as a Research Assistant after completing my MSc from University of Nottingham. I am passionate about Electronic,Computer and Biomedical Engineering. Medical Device Development, Data Analysis using Machine Learning techniques, Intelligent Application Development for the healthcare industry are my main research interest. Also Computer Programming is one of my strongest skills.