Profile - Mohd Ashraf Ahmad

Mohd Ashraf Ahmad

Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Domain of Research: Control Engineering

Mohd Ashraf Ahmad received his first degree in B.Eng. Electrical Mechatronics in 2006 from University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) in Johor, Malaysia. In 2008, he received a Master degree in M.Eng. Mechatronics and Automatic Control from University of Technology Malaysia (UTM). He is a lecturer in Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP). Currently, he is a PhD student at Kyoto University. He also became a professional member in IEEE, SICE, ACA and IAENG. His current research interests are model-free control, stochastic approximation, vibration and sway control, input shaping, crane system and flexible robot manipulator.