Profile - Jesuk Ko

Jesuk Ko

Gwangju University
Domain of Research: Intelligent Systems,Health care Systems

Prof. Ko is a renowned authority on the management of technological innovation, intelligent systems, and healthcare management. His research and writing focuses on corporate innovation and competitive advantage, the strategic management of ICT and service innovation, health informatics, managerial skill development, project and program organization and management, cross-functional integration, using information technology for achieving competitive advantage and enhancing corporate productivity and profitability, and other business and management-related issues. He has a several record of professional credentials and accomplishments in teaching, research, and professional service. This record includes teaching over 9 different courses on the undergraduate, graduate, and executive/adult education programs, serving on many postgraduate dissertations, an extensive publication record of over 87-articles in scholarly and professional journals, 95 professional presentations at national and international conferences, 76 invited speeches at public and private seminars, and other scholarly contributions. His professional experience and background represents a unique blend: as a professional practitioner, consultant, educator, scholar, researcher, and seminar leader to nation-wide corporate groups and education seminars. He undertook numerous projects for public and private organizations in Korea. Positions include major Boards of Directors' memberships, committee assignments, national and international program chairs, national division chairs, and major presentations. Prof. Ko is the winner of the Best Professor Award by the Gwangju University. In addition, he received the Medal of Honor (Grand Prize) presented jointly by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) and the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI). Contact Information: Prof. Jesuk Ko Dept. of Healthcare Management, Gwangju University 592-1 Jinwol-Dong, Nam-Gu Gwangju 503-703, KOREA Phone: (+82 62) 670-2615 Fax: (+82 62) 670-2059 E-mail: Mobile: (+82 10) 3612-3976