Profile - Ilhem Kallel

Ilhem Kallel

University of Sfax
Domain of Research: Collective and hybrid intelligence, Intelligent multirobot systems, Fuzzy modelling, Swarm intelligence, Multiagent systems, systems' quality assessment

Ilhem Kallel is an As. Professor with the Department of Computer Science at ISIMS-University of Sfax. She is a member of the Research Groups in Intelligent Machines (REGIM-Lab). She received the bachelor degree in computer science in 1988 from the University of Tunis, the MSc graduate degree in Information Systems and new Technologies, and PhD graduate degree in Computing System Engineering, respectively in 2003 and 2009, from the University of Sfax, Tunisia. From 1988, Dr. Ilhem Kallel had a rich professional experience dealing with developing and managing entreprise information systems, training of teachers, teaching fields of computer science in secondary pilot school and in university, etc. Dr. Ilhem Kallel is an IEEE senior member; she is the founder and the past chairwoman of the “IEEE Women in Engineering” Tunisia section; she is a member of the DIS TC in SMCS, The chair of the IEEE SMC Tunisia Chapter, and the past chair of the IEEE CIS Tunisia Chapter. She was the winner of the 2011 IEEE Woman In Engineering Clementina Award for Region 8 (Europe, Africa and Middle East), for her professional and personal achievements; this award attests that she can serve as a role model for combining professional achievements and family life. Dr. Ilhem Kallel organizes many scientific and social events and she is participating in international research cooperation projects and research mobilities; she contributes to the review process of international conferences and journals. Her research interests are in collective and hybrid intelligence, intelligent multirobot systems, fuzzy modelling, swarm intelligence, multiagent systems, and systems' quality assessment.