Profile - YI GU


Domain of Research: Artificial Intelligence,Big Data,Business Intelligence,Cloud Computing,Computational Learning Theory,Data Science,Decision Making,Natural Language Processing,Neural Networks,Numerical Analysis,Pattern Recognition,Supervised and Unsupervised Learning,Support Vector Machines

Yi Gu is a statistician and data scientist at Travelers Companies, Inc. He received his Ph.D. in computational physics at Stony Brook University, where he also got his M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. His research interests span a wide range of efficiency computing techniques and data mining and machine learning topics. Working as DS, he is heavily involved in various statistical modeling projects, some of which are accomplished within Big Data environment. He has extensive experience in Machine Learning, text mining (NLP), as well as Big data environment/infrastructure. he has served as reviewer for various conferences and journals, including CloudTech'16, International Conference on Intelligent Computing 2016, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications.