Profile - Shashank Pathak

Shashank Pathak

Postdoctoral researcher
Domain of Research: Artificial Intelligence, Planning, Formal Verification

Shashank has obtained his Bachelor degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, while his dual Masters (in Computer Science and in Advanced Robotics) was funded through European Commission's programme. He obtained his PhD from Italian Institute of Technology, Genova on the application of formal methods in the context of robotics to obtain safe learning. Currently, he is pursuing postdoctoral research in Belief Space Planning at Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) Haifa. He has obtained several awards such as outstanding postdoctoral research grant, recognitions such as academic prizes and has been an invited member of some work groups such as that of EuCogII, EuCogIII and Marie Curie external fellow. The core research interest of Shashank lies in making provably safe intelligent systems.