Profile - Dr_Magdy Ali

Dr_Magdy Ali

Assistant Professor of Computer Science in Faculty of Computers & Informatics, Ismailia, Suez Canal University, Egypt.
Domain of Research: Artificial Intelligence,Artificial Neural Networks

Magdy Shayboub is an assistant Professor of Computer Science, Faculty of Computers & Informatics, Suez Canal University, Egypt. He holds a Master and a Bachelor degree of Computer Sciences and Engineering from Menophia University and a PhD degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Helwan (Egypt). He has published more than 25 papers in journals, books and conference proceedings, including more than 20 papers in journals indexed in the Web of Science – Journal Citation Reports such as Information Sciences, International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Computers & Industrial Engineering, American European Journal of Computer Science and Engineering. He has also published one book of Scholars' Press in Germany. He is on the editorial board of several journals including Technological and Artificial Intelligent (AI) and its Applications, Intelligent Agents (IA), MultiAgent (MA) Applications, Information Retrieval, Computer Networks Security, Web Services, Semantic Web and GIS Applications. He has participated in the scientific committee of several conferences and associations and serves as a reviewer in a wide range of international journals. Currently, he is interested on image processing and remote sensing.