Profile - Milena Bogdanovic

Milena Bogdanovic

University of Nis, Teacher Training Faculty in Vranje
Domain of Research: Software Engineering and Quality,Genetic Algorithms,Information Theory

Born 20 januara 1969. in Vranje, where he completed primary school “Jovan Jovanovic-Zmaj” (the award “Golden Pen” for students of generations) and gymnasium, “Bora Stankovic”;. In addition to these awards, the successes achieved in primary and secondary school diplomas awarded the “Vuk Karadzic”, “Mihailo Petrovic-Alas” and “Svetozar Markovic”. Faculty of Science, Department of Computer Science, Belgrade, enrolled in the school year 1987/88. and at the same graduated 14th June 1994. year. Post-graduate studies, she enrolled at University of Nis, the group of Mathematics, Department of Computer Science, School 1994/95., on 25 April 2001. years, has a master’s thesis Directable automata, their specialization and generalization. He completed his dissertation titled Solving the problem on the maximum degree-bounded connected subgraphs in computer science, as a contribution to the graph theory, defended 23.09.2010. at the Facultiy of Mathematics, Belgrade. 1994-1995 to a high-economic-trade school in Vranje, Since 01/11/1995. to 18.12.2001. teaching assistant. From 19.12.2001. assistant. From 9.05.2011. Assistant Professor.