Profile - Harshavardhan Achrekar

Harshavardhan Achrekar

University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Domain of Research: Technology Trends,Machine Vision,Intelligent Systems,Artificial Intelligence,Communication,e-Learning,Agents and Multi-agent Systems,Artificial Intelligence,Artificial Neural Networks,Big Data,Cloud Computing,Collaborative Learning,Communication,Computational Intelligence,Computer Networks,Data Mining,Data Retrieval and Data Mining,Databases,Machine Learning,Sentiment Analysis,Smart Healthcare,Social Computing,Swarm Intelligence,Web Analytics

Harshavardhan (Harsh) Achrekar , is a Ph.D from Department of Computer Science at University of Massachusetts Lowell. His Advisor was Dr. Benyuan Liu. His research area includes Social Network Analysis , with a focus on: Search within the Social Network Analyze and Measure Dynamics of Online Social Networks (OSN's) Predicting Flu trends/patterns in Participatory Networks Text Mining and Information extraction from messages posted on the Web. His expertise in Web programming combined with his previous research and work experience has helped him gain hands on experience on cutting-edge technologies involving Web 2.0, Ajax programming, SOAP, RESTful Architecture, OSN API interface, Spatio-Temporal Database Design.