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Hwee-San Lim

Hwee-San Lim

School of Physics, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Domain of Research: Image Processing and analysis

I, Lim Hwee San, have been a lecturer in Unversiti Sains Malaysia (USM) after obtaining a PhD degree from USM in 2006. My research interests lie generally in the field of optical remote sensing - both passive and active - and digital image processing, particularly as it applies to spectral image data. In both cases, the primary applications are water quality monitoring, air quality monitoring, land cover/change detection, land surface properties and digital images classification. I am also interested in modeling of the optical properties of atmospheric aerosols. My current effort focus on the applications of ground based LIDAR and satellite based LIDAR (e.g., CALIPSO, AIRS) data for air pollution and green house effects study.