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Sathyan Munirathinam

Sathyan Munirathinam

Solution Architect Manager

Domain of Research: Big Data, Hadoop, IoT, Data Mining, Massive Parallel Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Smart Manufacturing

Sathyan Munirathinam is working as a Solution Architect Manager for ASML Corporation. ASML is a largest semiconductor equipment manufacturing company in the world ( Responsible for developing a cloud strategy and roadmap in addressing the dynamic cloud solutions. Working on Machine Learning / Deep Learning / IoT delivering innovative and cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning to the enterprise and developing tomorrow’s advances in AI. Sathyan Munirathinam has a PhD in Machine Learning, with over 20 years in Business Intelligence and 15 years in Manufacturing Industry. He has authored many papers and been involved in numerous international artificial intelligence and data mining research activities and conferences. His research interests include artificial intelligence, equipment health monitoring, IoT and big data analysis, statistical machine learning and data mining, ubiquitous computing, and human computer interaction. He holds a Master of Science from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He is a Certified Business Intelligence Professional.