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Si Lu

Si Lu

Portland State University

Domain of Research: Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Working on Autonomous Driving at NVIDIA. PhD student in Computer Science at Portland State University. My advisor is Dr. Feng Liu. I have More than 9 years' experience on Computer Vision & Graphics topics such as 3D construction/enhancement in light field VR, novel view synthesis for camera arrays, video stabilization, image stitching as well as computational photography such as image/RGBD denoising and patch matching. Passionate about developing/implementing state-of-the-art computer vision and computer graphics algorithms. Skilled programmer with C/C++/Python/Matlab/OpenCV/OpenGL/Pytorch. Familiar with machine learning and deep learning techniques such as CNN/RNN/LSTM/ResNet/DenseNet/Faster R-CNN/Mask R-CNN.