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Ayman Mohamed

Ayman Mohamed

University of Nottingham

Domain of Research: Intelligent Systems,Artificial Intelligence,Software Engineering and Quality,Artificial Intelligence,Artificial Neural Networks,Big Data,Cloud Computing,Data Mining,Data Retrieval and Data Mining,Data Science,Databases,Decision Making,Decision Support Systems,Delivery Systems and Environments,Information Retrieval,Information Theory,Intelligent Systems,Knowledge Management,Knowledge Representation,Machine Learning,Natural Language Processing,Neural Networks,Software Engineering,Software Quality,Systems Architectures,Web Services and Performance

As Application architect of CFF Research Labs, Ayman is responsible for designing and implementing cloud-based web/mobile apps powered with machine learning models to perform big data analysis, classifications and predictions to solve major problems that face humanity like climate change and sustainable development. He started his journey with data early in 2005 with IBM, Orange Telecom, Crops For the Future and the University of Nottingham along with several multinational institutions and companies. He was awarded MSc in computer science and ongoing PhD in Neural Information Retrieval from the University of Nottingham and Bachelor in communication and electronics from Alexandria University.