Mohamed  Chawki, Ph.D

Mohamed Chawki, Ph.D

International Association of Cybercrime Prevention (AILCC) , Paris, France.

Mohamed Chawki holds a (Ph.D.) in law from the University of Lyon III in France for a dissertation on French; British and American cybercrime legal systems. This was followed by a 3-year post-doctoral research at the Faculty of Law, University of Aix-Marseille III, France. He is senior judge and former advisor to the Chairman of Capital Market Authority (CMA) and to the Chairman of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA). Dr. Chawki is the Founder Chairman of the International Association of Cybercrime Prevention (AILCC), located in Paris, France. An association of international IT experts and legal scholars specializing in cyber law, privacy and security. Dr. Chawki has extensive knowledge of High Tec criminality, cybercrime, cyber terrorism and IT, including countermeasures and prevention. As a part of his research, he carried out an internship at Interpol’s Financial and High Tec Crime Unit. He also conducted legal analysis for the Organisation of CyberAngels in NYC and adviced cybercrime victims on various issues related to countermeasures and prevention. Doctor Chawki is the co-drafter of the African Union Convention on Cybersecurity. He is also a member of the International Scientific and Professional Advisory Council of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Program (ISPAC), a member of the European Society of Criminal Law, and a board member of Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC) in Ukraine. He teaches law at private and public universities in Egypt and holds a number of visiting posts abroad. His research interest covers national security, cybercrime and data protection. Dr. Chawki holds over 25 prizes for this academic achievement and was awarded by the Medal of Excellence by the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1998 , the international prize Claire l’Heureux Dubé from Canada in 2007 and the distinguished services medal from the government of Brazil in 2009.