West University of Timisoara

Prof. Dr. Dana Petcu is leading the Distributed and Parallel Computing research team of the Computer Science Department of West University of Timisoara, Romania, where she is professor and responsible for the High Performance Computing center, as well as for PhD and master studies in Computer Science. Moreover, she is the executive director of the research spin-off Institute e-Austria Timisoara. Her research experience is related to distributed and parallel computing. She has authored more than two hundreds reviewed articles, ten textbooks, fifteen conference proceedings, and acts as chief editor of the journal SCPE. Her publications from the last five years have been devoted to Clouds, HPC, Grids and Web services. She is/was leading EC-FP7 projects HOST, SPRERS, as well as the Romanian teams involved in mOSAIC, SCIEnce, DEHEMS, HP-SEE, SEED etc. In 2005, she received the Maria-Sybilla-Merian international award for women in science and education, and currently represents Romania as expert in the European research policy forums like FP7-ICTC, eIRG and eIPF, and EC Cloud Expert Group