In Soo  Lee

In Soo Lee

Kyungpook National University

Career History : From Mar. 1997 to Feb. 2008, he was a professor in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Sangju National University. Since Mar. 2008, he has been at Kyungpook National University where he is currently a professor in the School of Electronics Engineering. From Aug. 2005 to Jan. 2007, he was a research scholar at San Diego State University. He is also Vice Chair (2015-present) of the Korean Institute of Information Technology. Memberships : IEEE Control System Society Member (2001-2005); The Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea(IEEK) Member (1987-present); The Institute of Control, Automation and Systems Engineers Member (1995-present); Korea Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Systems Society Member (1998-present); International Society for Computers and Their Applications (ISCA) Member (2007-2015), Korean Institute of Information Technology Member (2006-present), IEICE Member (2014-present) Achievements/Awards : He has published more than 100 papers both Journal and Conference. He is the recipient of Best Researcher Award from Korean Institute of Information Technology (2012 and 2016). Creative Works : His research interests include intelligent sensor system, fault diagnosis, fault tolerant control, intelligent control using neural networks, automation and robot system, battery SOC and SOH, fault diagnosis of solar panel.