PLEASE NOTE: The dates for FTC 2019 have changed to 24-25 October, 2019. The change was necessitated due to venue availability.


Robinson Piramuthu

Robinson Piramuthu

Chief Scientist for Computer Vision, eBay

As Chief Scientist for Computer Vision, Robinson drives eBay’s computer vision science strategy. With over 20 years of experience in computer vision, his expertise includes large scale visual search, coarse and fine-grained visual recognition, object detection, computer vision for fashion, 3D cues from 2D images, figure-ground segmentation and deep learning for vision, among other topics. Before joining eBay in 2011, he received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Michigan in 2000 specializing in information theory and statistical image processing. He also has a MS in control theory from the University of Florida, specializing in robust and nonlinear control systems.

Keynote Title: Refining the eCommerce Experience: A Neural Approach to Image Processing

Abstract: When shopping in-store, an iconic moniker or distinctive pattern helps a customer recognize their favorite brands. But how does this translate when shopping online – how does an eCommerce platform recognize your favorite brand? While computer vision and image processing can help kick start the process, what’s needed is an approach that dives deeper into the way infrastructures identify and mark images – one that is neural and constantly processing information. In this session, eBay’s Chief Scientist for Computer Vision, Robinson Piramuthu, will discuss how eCommerce players can leverage deep neuron networks to understand how and why infrastructures identify images and refine recommendations, all through the lens of eBay’s work to train its AI to look beyond logos and patterns to recognize brands using computer vision.