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Computing Conference 2023

Computing Conference 2023


Computing Conference 2023 was a prestigious event that offered a platform for researchers who made fundamental contributions to the field of computer science and its applications. It also served as an opportunity for industry practitioners to share and report on the latest innovations and developments that they have achieved or encountered in their work, to summarize the current state of the art in various domains, and to exchange ideas and advances with other experts and peers. The conference covered a wide range of topics and themes that encompassed all aspects of computer science and its applications, such as artificial intelligence, data science, software engineering, cybersecurity, human-computer interaction, and more.

The conference received a high number of submissions from 60 countries around the world, reflecting the global interest and relevance of the event. These submissions were subjected to a rigorous and fair double-blind peer review process, where each submission was evaluated by two reviewers who did not know the identity of the authors. The reviewers provided constructive feedback and recommendations based on the quality, originality, relevance, and clarity of the submissions. Out of the 539 submissions, 193 were selected and included in the conference proceedings, representing a 39% acceptance rate. The accepted submissions showcased the best and most recent research and practice in computer science and its applications.

Conference Dates: 22-23 June 2023
Venue: Clayton Hotel Chiswick, London W4 5RY, United Kingdom

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Keynote Presentations

Neil Thompson, MIT

Yang-Hui He, London Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Bill Harrod, U.S. Intelligence (IARPA)

Heather Harrington, University of Oxford

Post Conference Publications

All Computing Conference 2023 papers were published by Springer. Proceedings have been published in three volumes:

The proceedings have been submitted for indexing to SCOPUS, INSPEC, WTI Frankfurt eG, zbMATH, SCImago.


Thank you to all of our attendees for their quality submissions. Below you will find the Award winners. Congratulations!
The papers receiving these awards were selected from a set of outstanding papers, based on the potential impact, novelty, use of appropriate data and analysis methodologies, and clarity of presentation.

Best Presentation Award (Attending Virtually)
Title: Encoding Nets-Within-Nets in Maude
Authors: Lorenzo Capra, Michael Kohler-Bußmeier

Best Student Paper Award (Attending Virtually)
Title: Modeling Internet-of-Things (IoT) Behavior for Enforcing Security and Privacy Policies
Authors: Parth Ganeriwala, Anubhav Gupta, Daniel Campos, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, TJ Oconnor, Adolf Dcosta

Outstanding Research Award (Attending Onsite)
Title: The active nonsmooth manifolds of a neural network classifier: a tool for confidence assessment
Authors: Stephane Chretien

Best Poster Award (Attending Onsite)
Title: Crowd-sourcing High-value Information via Quantum Intelligence Game
Authors: Ying Zhao, Charles Zhou

Best Paper Award (Attending Onsite)
Title: Learning from few examples with nonlinear feature maps
Authors: Ivan Tyukin, Oliver Sutton, Alexander Gorban