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SAI Conference 2015

Science and Information (SAI) Conference 2015


The Science and Information Conference 2015 featured specialized keynote lectures, knowledge talks, contributed papers, poster presentations, industrial talks, and tutorials. Its drive is to convene a high quality, well-attended, and up-to-date conference on technology and research. The keynote speakers were a diverse group with expertise in High Performance Computing and Networking, Informatics and Computing, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Internet of Things.

Conference Dates: 28-30 July 2015
Conference Venue: America Square Conference Centre, London EC3N 2LB, United Kingdom

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Post Conference Publications

All SAI Conference 2015 papers were published in the conference proceedings and are available in IEEE Xplore.


Best Paper Award is presented to the individual(s) to have written the best paper appearing in the annual conference proceedings.

SAI Conference 2015 Best Paper Award : Craig Henderson, Ebroul Izquierdo for their paper titled “Robust Feature Matching in the Wild”. The Award was accepted by Craig Henderson

SAI Conference 2015 Best Poster Award : Shunyi Zhao, Fei Liu, Yuriy S. Shmaliy for their poster titled “Unbiased FIR Smoother for Discrete Time-Variant Systems with Backward Structure”. The award was accepted by Yuriy S. Shmaliy.


Thomas Sterling

Indiana University

Fahim Kawsar

Director, IoT Research, Bell Laboratories

Karlheinz Meier

Heidelberg University

Muriel Médard

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bob Crooks


Andrea Feltrin

European Commission - Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)

Peter Stollenmayer

Celtic Office Strategy Director of the Celtic-Plus, EUREKA

Peter Whale

Board member, Cambridge Wireless & Director of Product Marketing, Iotic-Labs