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SAI Intelligent Systems Conference 2015 (IntelliSys 2015)

SAI Intelligent Systems Conference 2015 (IntelliSys)


This unique conference was be held at a top-floor venue in Canary Wharf - London, offering stunning panoramic views across London. In addition to regular paper presentations, the program included prominent keynote talks, poster presentations and project demonstrations.

Conference Dates: 10-11 November 2015
Conference Venue: CCT Venues Plus, Canary Wharf, Level 32, 40 Bank Street London

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Post Conference Publications

All IntelliSys 2015 papers were published in the conference proceedings and are available in IEEE Xplore.


Best Paper Award is presented to the individual(s) to have written the best paper appearing in the annual conference proceedings.

IntelliSys 2015 Best Paper Award : Michael Goldhammer, Sebastian Köhler, Konrad Doll, Bernhard Sick for their paper titled “Camera based Pedestrian Path Prediction by Means of Polynomial Least-Squares Approximation and Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks”. The Award was accepted by Michael Goldhammer

IntelliSys 2015 Best Intelligent System Award : Giseop Noh, Hayoung Oh for their paper titled “AuRo-Rec: An Unsupervised and Robust Sybil Attack Defense in Online Recommender Systems”. The Award was accepted by Giseop Noh

IntelliSys 2015 Best Demo Award : Viktoriya Degeler, Richard French, Kevin Jones for their demo titled “Demonstrating Danger Theory based Threat Detection for Robotic Manufacture Protection”. The award was accepted by Viktoriya Degeler and Richard French.


John Daugman, University of Cambridge

Hans Georg Zimmermann, Siemens

Flavio Villanustre, HPCC Systems/LexisNexis

Jane Macfarlane, HERE

David Gerster, BigML

Alison B Lowndes, NVIDIA