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Daniela Popescu

Daniela Popescu

University of Oradea

Domain of Research: Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Intelligent Systems, Internet of Things, Internet Security, Systems Architectures

I was born in 27 June 1961, I graduated Em.Gojdu High School of Oradea in June 1980, and Electrotechnical Faculty I.P.T.V.Timisoara in July 1985. Beginning with 1985 I worked as an research engineer at Institute for Design in Automation, Bucharest, and then, after 1990 I worked at University of Oradea. In 1998 I have submitted my PhD these and I got the title of Doctor in Computer Science field. Today I am a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Technologies and I coordinate Integrated IT Service Management at the University of Oradea. My areas of competence are: computer architecture, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, testing digital circuits, computing network security and information management. My linkedin profile: