Shaik Asif  Hussain

Shaik Asif Hussain

Associate Professor

Domain of Research: Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Imaging and Electronics & communication Engineering

Shaik Asif Hussain an Indian born in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh south India in 1980’s is an strong academician with perspective vision of Research. At the age of 29 Years, he received his Ph.D from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur, Ananthapuramu in Jan 2015. To his credit he Received grants in 2011 for Rs. 11.30 Lacs from AICTE, New Delhi under Research Promotion Scheme as Principal investigator. His AICTE project was on using Digital Image processing techniques for Dreadful diseases. He has published 25 research papers in Renowned International Journals and has attended 44 International and National conferences. He Received Certificate of Appreciation from Texas Instruments for Analog Maker Design Contest. He is a life Member of Renowned professional body such as ISTE, IE, PCDS, ISOC, CSTA etc. and he is acting as a reviewer and Editorial board member for various International Journals and IEEE conferences. The Recent contribution achieved by him is the project submitted to DST (SERB) is sanctioned for 22.92 LACS for a period of 3 Years and it has been sanctioned from the Year 2015-18. The proposals whatever he has made was to provide needful support to the society through the technology understood and implemented.