Nizam Uddin  Ahamed

Nizam Uddin Ahamed

University of Calgary

Dr. Nizam is currently working as Postdoc researcher at Faculty of Kinesiology, in University of Calgary. Dr. Nizam has several years of experience in teaching and research fields, applying Artificial Intelligence and machine learning models in a variety of areas, like gait biomechanics, sports science and physiological signals. He holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Malaysia Perlis. Nizam’s research interests are in biomechanics, pattern recognition and movement disorders. He is working with sensor technology to measure biomechanical, metabolic and global positioning data of local runners for running-related injury identification and prevention. Nizam’s work is primarily on fusing multiple data sets in order to develop computational models to classify patterns of movement using different artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. He is also working to develop methods that can successfully sub-group and define the characteristics of responders and non-responders to running injury treatment with more than 90% accuracy. The ultimate goal of his work is to translate these algorithms into a user-friendly app medium.>