Reza  Nourjou

Reza Nourjou

GIS Consultant

Domain of Research: ,Geographic Information Systems,Smart Cities>

Reza Nourjou is a GIS Consultant at Infosys Company. He holds a Ph.D. in Geo-Informatics from Kyoto University and a master degree in GIS. He received the Certification of Human Security Engineering (HSE) from Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Japan. He published more than 20 scholar papers and is a member of program committee of ACM and IEEE conferences. He has +10 years of research & professional experience in the field of GIS Engineering and Geospatial Software Development using C#.NET and esri ArcGIS. Currently, he is providing valuable insights for Infosys's clients in the Utility Industry (gas, electricity, and water companies) to improve their services and to build new geo-solutions. He aim to lead GIS teams, innovate and creative geo-solutions based on Real-Time GIS, Internet of Things (IoT), Multi-Agent Systems and Autonomous Software Agents, Mobile GIS, and Data Science (machine learning ) in the utility industry. Access to Scholar Publications: Free Access to Articles: