IMPORTANT UPDATE: In view of the COVID-19 uncertainty, and in particular the rising number of infections worldwide, IntelliSys 2021 has been moved to a fully virtual conference.


Ah-Lian Kor

Ah-Lian Kor

Leeds Beckett University

Domain of Research: Technology Trends,Intelligent Systems,Artificial Intelligence,Software Engineering and Quality,

A Course Leader of Leeds Beckett MSc Sustainable Engineering, specialiszing software development, web applications, and AI. She is active in sustainable IT, intelligent systems, decision support systems, and data center research. She forges an industrial collaboration with Drax Power Station which aims to develop and evaluate a virtual environment (in the form of an expert system) to support decision making in fault diagnosis for the centrifuge system for Drax Power Station. She is an Intelligent System Expert for the Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project with Premier Farnell (a global electronics engineering company). Ah Lian is a Project Team Committee Member for several EU projects and she has been on many internal conference as well as journal program committee.