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josé RAGOT

josé RAGOT

Université de Lorraine, CNRS

Domain of Research: Data validation, diagnosis, fault detection, fault tolerant control

José RAGOT received the "Diplome d'Ingénieur" (Engineer Degree) with specialization in control from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France) in 1969. Then, he joined the University of Nancy (France) where is received the "Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies" (Master Degree) in 1970. In 1973 he obtained the "Diplôme de Doctorat" (Ph. D. degree), a position as assistant professor at University Henri Poincaré in Nancy, and in 1980 the "Diplôme de Doctorat-es-Sciences". José Ragot moved up to professor in 1985 at the Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (INPL, National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine). He has successfully advised 70 Ph.D. and published about 500 refereed technical communications including 130 papers in international journals and 370 communications in international conferences, 4 books (Masson, Hermès, Lavoisier), 14 chapters in collective volumes. Applications have been in various fields such as mineral and metallurgical processing, chemical engineering, water treatment, aerospace, environmental processes. Since 1980, he was the conductor of about 60 industrial research projects (with EDF, ELF, SOCOMINE, HBL, ARCELOR MITAL, AIRLOR, ESPOL, PECHINEY, ALSTOM, SNECMA, LAFARGE, DELPHI, RHÔNE POULENC, PSA, AIRBUS, THALES …). He was a member of more that 220 Ph. D. committees (France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Tunisia, Algeria, India). He regularly contributes to national and international activities as a member of TC4 and TC6 of IFAC, through conferences organization, international program committee of conferences, reviewer in international journals and conferences, national expert for research project of the French CNRS, national expert for laboratory activities evaluation for the French Ministary of Research. He was invited at several universities as a lecturer: EPFL (Lauzane, Suisse), UTC (Compiègnes, France), UTT (Troyes, France), ENIT (Tunis, Tunisie), ENIM (Monastir, Tunisie), Jijel University (Annaba, Algérie), ESISAR (Valence, France), LAAS (Toulouse, France), GIPSA_lab (Grenoble, France) … His major research fields include data validation and reconciliation, process diagnosis, fault detection and isolation. Another part of his activities is devoted to modelisation and state estimation, adapted to process diagnosis and mainly in the field of multi-models. Prof. Ragot is researcher in the "Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy" (CRAN, CNRS UMR 7039) where he was the head of the group "process diagnosis" during 12 years. Presently he is a Emeritus Professor (with the degree "Classe Exceptionnelle") at the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie" (french "Grande Ecole") where he has been in charge the formation in automatic control.