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University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Domain of Research: Machine learning, digital images, and data quality

Wei DAI (David) is teacher and researcher in USA. Before moving to USA, David worked for IBM China and IBM China Lab as a senior data scientist engineer for more than eight years. He is familiar with data quality, data mining, machine learning Java, Python, and SQL. David has teaching experience in USA and China. In USA, now he is a lecturer of UALR, so that he teaches data visualization, web technologies to gradate students. He was a guest lecture in Dr. Ningning Wu's class in 2017, and a volunteer TA position for Chief Data Officer training of Dr. Richard Wang in 2016. In China, he taught database for graduate students and senior engineers for more than five years. David is a Ph.D. Candidate. His research interests are machine learning and data quality. After July 2018, he involves in a deep learning research team organized by Google, Nvidia, Standford, and MIT. He is innovating a broad ML benchmark suite for measuring performance of ML software frameworks, ML hardware accelerators, and ML cloud platforms. David has published academic papers and books in USA and China. In USA, he has published four conference papers (The 5th paper is under reviewed), and has also received three awards from UALR Student Research and Creative Works Expo in 2016 and 2017, an research award in EIT 2017. In China, he published two books regarding database and five technical papers, released three patents, and won two times Excellent Employee Award and Outstanding Instructor from IBM.