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Mahdieh Zabihimayvan

Mahdieh Zabihimayvan

Department of Computer Science, Central Connecticut State University

Domain of Research: Intelligent Systems,Security,Computer Forensics,Computer Networks,Cyber Security

I am a PhD student of computer science at Wright State University, and am working under supervision of Dr. Derek Doran as a graduate research assistant in the Web and Complex System Lab (WacS), a part of Kno.e.sis Research Center. My research interests are machine learning, anomaly detection, soft computing, and data characterization. Through several Web projects during undergraduate internship and thesis, I became interested in Web networks and systems. Continuing my education as a master students in software engineering, I was teaching assistant of data mining, advanced engineering mathematics in software engineering, computer performance evaluation and modeling courses for M.S. students and algorithm design course for B.S. students, which made me more passionate in a new aspect of Web systems. Focusing on anomaly detection techniques in Web traffic, my master thesis, A Proposed Algorithm Based on Markov Clustering for Web Robot Detection, was a new soft computing method using data mining techniques to distinguish human Web traffic from Web robot traffic on Web servers.