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Chandrasekar Vuppalapati

Chandrasekar Vuppalapati

Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies, Inc.

Domain of Research: IoT, Machine Learning, Healthcare, Data Analytics, AI

Chandra is a Software IT Executive with diverse experience in Software Technologies, Enterprise Software Architectures, Cloud Computing, Big Data Business Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and Software Product & Program Management. Chandra held engineering and Product leadership roles at GE Healthcare, Cisco Systems, St. Jude Medical, and Lucent Technologies, a Bell Laboratories Company. Chandra teaches Software Engineering, Mobile Computing, Cloud Technologies, and Web & Data Mining for Master’s Program in San Jose State University. Additionally, Chandra held market research, strategy and technology architecture advisory roles in Cisco Systems, Lam Research and performed Principal Investigator role for Valley School of Nursing where he connected Nursing Educators & Students with Virtual Reality technologies. Chandra has functioned as Chair in numerous technology and advanced computing conferences such as IEEE Oxford, UK, IEEE Big Data Services 2017, San Francisco USA and Future of Information and Communication Conference 2018, Singapore. Chandra graduated from San Jose State University Master’s Program, specializing Software Engineering, and has completed his Master of Business Administration from Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California, USA