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Predrag Tosic

Predrag Tosic

Associate Research Professor, School of EECS, Washington State University

Domain of Research: AI, intelligent agents, multi-agent systems, machine learning, data mining, game theory, NLP & ontologies

Predrag T. Tosic holds PhD in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2006). His research areas include AI, intelligent agents and multi-agent systems, complex networks, self-organizing & self-adaptable systems, large-scale distributed computing, wireless & mobile computing, machine learning & data mining, NLP, semantics & ontologies, and computational game theory.He has a unique blend of industrial R&D and academic research experience. As of early 2016, he has authored over 60 peer-reviewed publications and filed two patents with USPTO. He currently holds the position of Assoc. Research Professor with the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at Washington State University (Pullman, WA, USA).