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Aswath Suresh

Aswath Suresh

New York University

Domain of Research: Robotics, Autonomous Driving, Computer Vision, Humanoid Robotics

I am very much passionate about Advanced Robotics, Autonomous Driving Cars, Hyperloop and Mars Exploration Rovers. I have years of Robotics, Electrical and Mechatronics Research Experience working as Research Assistant of Mechatronics and Intelligent System Research Lab and years of Industrial experience working for Leidos, DURO UAS and Swarm Robotix. Apart from this, I have worked on research projects like Self-Driving Car, Computer Vision Based Soccer Playing Humanoid Robot, Brain-Controlled Prosthetic Hand, Mars Rover, Intelligent Smart Glass for Visually Impaired, Multi-Fingered Dexterous Hand Using Virtual Reality, Robotic Fish, Pet Feeding Robot etc.