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George Abdou

George Abdou

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Domain of Research: Manufacturing Systems, Palletization, Waterjet Skin Incision

George Abdou has a B.S. (1977) in Mechanical Engineering from Helwan University in Egypt, and M.S. (1983) and Ph.D. (1987) in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University. George H. Abdou is Associate Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Co-op programs Director. He has worked as Associate Professor/Associate Chair at Concordia University and as Assistant Professor at University of Windsor and Northern Illinois University. Dr. Abdou’s research interests are in the area of Robotic Palletization, expert systems for facilities planning and computer-aided process planning, adaptive control optimization for milling operations, and design and implementation of DC brushless linear motor to CNC machines. The total research funding that he has received is about $384,000 as a Principal Investigator and $2,405,379 as a Co-Investigator. Research funding agents are NSERC, NRC, NCE, FCAR, FRDP, ITCC and SME. He is an active member of several professional societies including, SME, IIE, and SPIE. He served as Board Director member of Val-Tile Tool, Inc., Windsor, Ontario (1987-1994); as PE examinee committee member for SME MECI department (1987-1994); as member of the International program committee of IASTED Robotics and Automation conference (1990); as Chairman of Session 6 International Conference on Design and Manufacturing Using Composites (1994); Chairman of AMS-5 session of CSME (1990); as Chairman of WB4.1 session of POM-91; Vice Chairman at SME International conference (1989); and as Consultant for National Research Council (1987-1993). He has served as Consultant to many companies, such as Besam Co. (1998), Thermometrix (1997), MEMBREX Inc. (1996), Selling Precision Inc. (1996), HSL Ltd. (1991), Val-Tile Tool Inc. (1987-1994), Kirchmair Machine & Tool Co.(1990), Geiger Industries (1989), EMCO Industries (1987), and Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs (1987). He has authored over 70 publications in scientific engineering journals and conference proceedings, and three chapters in books.