IMPORTANT UPDATE: In view of the COVID-19 uncertainty, and in particular the rising number of infections worldwide, IntelliSys 2021 has been moved to a fully virtual conference.


Pin Ng

Pin Ng

HKCC - Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Domain of Research: Software Engineering and Quality,Big Data,Data Mining,Data Retrieval and Data Mining,Data Science,e-Learning,Knowledge Management

Dr Pin Ng attained his MSc. degree in Management Science and Operational Research from University of Warwick, U.K. and M.Phil. degree in Software Engineering from The University of Hong Kong. He also received a Doctorate in Engineering from City University of Hong Kong. His research interest focuses on application of formal mechanisms in requirements engineering. Dr Ng is also a qualified Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Dr Ng is currently serving at the Hong Kong community College, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, specializing in teaching information technology and software engineering subjects.