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Ramadan Elaiess

Ramadan Elaiess

University of Benghazi

Domain of Research: Technology Trends,e-Learning,Distance Learning,e-Governance,e-Learning,Internet of Things,Knowledge Management,Knowledge Representation,Technology Trends,Virtual Learning Environments,Virtual Reality,Web-based Learning Communities

Dr. Ramadan Elaiess holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Strathclyde - United Kingdom in computer and information science. He is currently a faculty member in the department of information studies at the University of Benghazi-Libya. He has been teaching subjects of information storage and retrieval, information science, information systems, knowledge organization, content management systems and digital libraries since 2011. His research interest includes information seeking behaviour, cognitive and social issues of information process and digital technology. He has published considerable numbers of scientific articles in national and international journals in addition to chapters in books and research papers. Dr. Elaiess has been appointed since 2011 to serve as an academic editor and advisory board member for more than one hundred international journals devoted to the field of computer and information science. In addition to that, he has been appointed since 2010 to serve as a program committee and technical program committee member for over than two hundred international peer-reviewed conferences which were held in different parts of the World with the aim to endorse, promote and facilitate the aforementioned field. Dr. Elaiess specific research interests are in the application of new technologies in different fields of computer & information science focusing on innovative approaches. He is also interested in open access movement as a significant tool for narrowing the digital divide (through knowledge sharing) between the third world countries and the developed nations which continue to widen between the have and have-nots or the information rich and the information poor. This in its turn, can have positive impact as an instrument for sustainable economic development. Therefore, he is paying much attention to the use and utilization of open source content management systems such as Greenstone, Eprints, Fedora, Keystone, and Dspace