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Rodrigo Perez Fernandez

Rodrigo Perez Fernandez

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Domain of Research: Computer Science; Naval Engineering; CAD/CAM/CIM Systems

MSc and PhD in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain. Member of the ASNE, MSNAME, MRINA, MIMarEST, CMarEng and CEng. He has completed several postgraduate programs in Naval Shipbuilding, Ocean Transport and Port Management. He is professor in the Marine Engineering School of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He is lecturing in several subjects. He has also accomplished several seminars related with CAD/CAM/CIM Systems, shipbuilding and naval sector. Combining his activity in the University, he also work for SENER, a Spanish engineering company, during the last fifteen years. He was also CAD & PLM Consultant for SENER, working in different projects around the Globe, as well as Project Manager for SENER clients in North America. He is currently the head of Naval Shipbuilding Area Manager in SENER. He has published several books and written more than one hundred technical papers about marine engineering.