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Jorge Fonseca

Jorge Fonseca

Department of Computer Science, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Domain of Research: ,Cyber Security,Data Science,Databases,Machine Learning,Natural Language Processing,Virtual Reality

Dr. Jorge Fonseca was born in Mexico City. However, he moved to the US when he was only 10 years old and has since become a US citizen. Because his father had an interest in computers, Jorge was exposed to them from a very young age through several computer games and other interactive programs. His passion for them continues until today. Because of this he considers his role as an assistant professor in computer science not a job, but a full time hobby. Having lived in Mexico, Florida, Colorado, and eventually settling in Nevada, and having explored a wide range of fields before completing his PhD in Computer Science, Jorge believes that the key to being a good researcher and instructor is to be a whole individual who can not just appreciate, but also relate to any field and the interconnectivity between them. Computer Science is about linking the real world and the digital world. To do that one must understand not just the science of the world, but the art of the world. Jorge’s research areas include OCR Post Processing, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain Technology.