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Jin Dong

Jin Dong

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Domain of Research: Ambient Intelligence - Smart Grid, Smart Cities, IoT

Dr. Jin Dong is a member of ORNL’s Grid Interactive Controls Group in the Electrification and Energy Infrastructures Division. He received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2016. During his PhD study, he was involved in several projects about power system frequency monitoring, occupancy prediction, occupancy-based control and distributed robust control for improving energy efficiency while meeting probabilistic building constraints. Since joining ORNL in 2016, his work has focused mainly on control-oriented building energy modelling and new optimal control algorithms for improving the energy efficiency of buildings as well as actively engaging them in response to grid needs. This is especially important in power systems with high penetrations of wind and solar. He has been involved in the development of transactive building load control, adaptive building modelling and virtual storage devices projects sponsored by the DOE Solar Office and Building Technology Office (BTO). In his work, he uses methods from a variety of fields including controls, optimization, statistics, and machine learning. Towards the goal of building intelligent Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings (GEB), behave and interact with the power grid as any distributed energy resources (DERs) do, his research interests lie in the intersection of smart buildings, building-to-grid integration, optimal control and optimization, multi-agent system and game theory, machine learning and artificial intelligence.