IMPORTANT UPDATE: In view of the COVID-19 uncertainty, and in particular the rising number of infections worldwide, IntelliSys 2021 has been moved to a fully virtual conference.





Domain of Research: Intelligent Systems,Artificial Intelligence,e-Business,Artificial Intelligence,Big Data,Business Intelligence,Computational Intelligence,Data Retrieval and Data Mining,Data Science,Decision Making,Decision Support Systems,Machine Learning,Natural Language Processing

Seasoned strategy consultant and senior data & analytics practitioner with a track record supporting blue-chip organisations to drive major performance improvements through digital transformation, large scale emerging technology solutions and data-driven decision making. For over a decade of experience and proven skill supporting organisations to build high-performing data practices with strong stakeholder engagement management skills as well, advising decision-makers through insightful analytics. Haonan is highly adaptable with broad industry experiences including FMCG, Retail, Telco and FS with strong hands-on skills. Adept in communicating complex technical concepts in a simple and accessible manner, Haonan brings active listening and strong influencing skills to the board. He is the lead author of the book “Data Science Through 100 Metaphors”- an open-source initiative of “translating complicated data science concepts by the plain language” created by a group of both applied and research data scientists from world-leading Tech Companies, Universities and Consultancies.