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Jaymer Jayoma

Jaymer Jayoma

Caraga State University

Domain of Research:

JAYMER M. JAYOMA received his BS degree in Computer Science from Mindanao State University Main Campus in Marawi City and MS degree in Information Technology from Ateneo de Davao University, Davao City. He is a faculty member of Caraga State University Main Campus and currently designated as Associate Dean of the College of Computing and Information Sciences. He also serves as Program Coordinator of the Graduate School and the Director of Computer and Human Interaction Center. He handles undergraduate and graduate courses in Algorithms, Data Structures, Compiler, Automata, Networking and Artificial Intelligence. His current research interests includes path optimization as applied to road traffic management, voice and facial recognition, cyber security, human and computer interaction, and ICT support to sustainable development. The author may be reached at [email protected]