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Manuj Darbari

Manuj Darbari

BBD University

Domain of Research: Technology Trends, Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering and Quality, Electronics, e-Business, e-Learning, 3G/4G Network Evolutions, Action Languages, Agents and Multi-agent Systems, Ambient Intelligence, Artificial Consciousness and Artificial Brain, Artificial Imagination, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intuition, Artificial Neural Networks, Augmented Reality, Automated Planning And Scheduling, Big Data, Biometrics, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cognitive Radio, Collaborative Learning, Combinatorial optimization, Communication Protocols, Computational Creativity, Computational Intelligence, Computational Learning Theory, Computer Aided Network Design, Computer Vision, Cryptography, Curriculum Content Design, Cyber Security, Data Mining, Data Retrieval and Data Mining, Decision theory, Delivery Systems and Environments, Design Automation, Digital Circuits, Digital Goods and Services, Digital Marketing, Distributed Systems, Dynamic programming, e-Commerce Application Fields, e-Commerce Economics, e-Commerce Services, e-Learning Organisational Issues, e-Learning Tools, E-Waste, Educational Systems Design, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Enterprise Resource Planning, Evolutionary Algorithms, Facial and Object Recognition, Fuzzy Logic Theory, Fuzzy Logic, General Intelligence, Genetic Algorithm, Geographic Information Systems, Health care Systems, High Performance Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Image Processing and Analysis, Image Processing, Information Retrieval, Internet Security, Knowledge Engineering and Mining, Knowledge Representation, Localization, Machine Learning, Machine Perception, Mapping, Medical Diagnosis, Mobile Adhoc Networks, Motion And Manipulation, Motion Planning, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Neuro-Fuzzy Systems, Ontology Engineering, Open Spectrum Solutions, Perception and Learning, Planning, Problem Solving, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Satellite Communication Systems, Secure Protocols, Secure Transactions, Segmentation Techniques, Semantic Networks, Sensing and Sensor Networks, Sentiment Analysis, Social Computing, Speech Recognition, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Swarm Intelligence, Systems Architectures, Unmanned Systems, Video Analysis, Virtual Learning Environments, Virtual Reality, Web Analytics, Web Services and Performance, Web-based Learning Communities, Wireless/ Mobile Applications

I hold a Phd degree from Birla institute of Technology at Mesra, Ranchi, India and roughly have 14 years of experience in research/academia. I work in the domain of Internet marketing, Soft computing in Business Domain and Software Engineering with MDA framework.I have published more than 50 papers both in International Journals and conferences including IEEE , ACM and Springer.